Dating with type 1 diabetes

Do not be afraid to tell your date about diabetes, but remember diabetes does not control your life — you are more than your disease.

It’s also important that people who will be in your life for the long term — whether thats friends or a significant other — know about your disease, symptoms and what you need.

I’m sure that your significant other wants to feel useful and helpful — so ask them to go get you a juice!

Like with all other things, diabetes management becomes very routine and it won’t be something that you even have to think about whether you are in a long-term relationship or while on a date.

From avoiding blood sugar unfriendly food to remembering to bring your blood testing kit, we’ve got you covered with our 7 tips for dinner dating with diabetes. But at some point you will have to tell them, particularly if you go on multiple dates, and doing it sooner rather than later will make it easier to test your blood or medicate (if necessary) in front of them.

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One thing I quickly realized was just how big diabetes was in my life.My boyfriend now can sometimes see my lows before I feel them.He’s woken me up from a nap before and his first question was, “Are you low?My first date was right after I turned 15, my mom drove me and my crush to the movies and we saw the Lego Movie.Needless to say, it was very romantic and when we dropped the boy off at his house, he hugged me goodbye and asked if I would be his girlfriend — we only dated for a week before we decided it was better to stay friends.Jack is a 27-year-old journalist based in Coventry, UK.He is a type 1 diabetic who enjoys sport, boring weekends, MTV and once won a talent show for dancing to Dario G’s 1997 hit “Sunchyme”.While I was going on dates, I sometimes worried I talked about it too much.I would start to talk about my life with diabetes, diabetic camp, volunteer work, insulin … I quickly learned that talking about my disease was a good thing and it was something that made me unique.You can read more about dating and diabetes in our Diabetes and Relationships page.Have you recently been on a date and encountered any problems with your diabetes or diet, or did you have a great time and hit off?

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