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"We still travel for speaking engagements, classes and shows and I'm usually mobbed.

For some reason, Asian people in airports love me," Bielec told in 2011, adding, "But the people in Katy give us our space. home." Bielec will have to re-adjust to the daily barrage, though, because — in a video teaser posted on the official This Scottish-born, English-raised carpenter proved to be a big hit with fans of the TLC series, and it's not hard to see why.

His Facebook page reveals that he has continued to focus on his woodworking skills and, in 2016, his book , the affable talent created a bedding collection for Cuddlebugs and Cocoons in 2008.

In 2013, he hosted a class on creating custom hassocks in conjunction with Spoonflower.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Wilson was not a fan of compromising his vision, and it made for more than a few tense moments.However, that certainly didn't hinder Wilson's career after the show. Regrettably, he did get into a bit of trouble with a DUI in 2008."At first, it was this wispy cute haircut, and then it turned into a Carol Brady helmet flip-do," she joked to aesthetic.Since hanging up that hat, Bielec has settled down with his wife Judy in Katy, Texas."When I heard they were bringing it back, I was shocked and amazed that they could really get in touch with everybody and they could really get everyone back.So, I couldn't say no because, I mean c'mon, this is my original family," Pennington says in a video on the ." Her work could be a bit quirky, sure, but it always skewed toward elegance.Mc Leod has also devoted time to charity work, completing a mission trip to Haiti to help rebuild homes destroyed in 2010's catastrophic earthquake — an excursion she called "enlightening and empowering." Mc Leod has also gone back to hosting roots in segments about her lavish home.An Andalusian-style mega-mansion known as Hacienda de la Paz, the estate's unique features include 51,000 square feet of space on more than eight acres on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a subterranean 10,000 square foot Hamam spa, and 24-carat gold leafed ceilings. Mc Leod will not be returning for the 2018 reboot of back in the day, you could always count on Doug Wilson forging ahead with his design ideas — homeowners be damned.Now, raise your hand again if you're super-pumped that Gorder is returning for the reboot (*raises (look at his face!), but the charming carpenter's life appears to have remained relatively low-key.

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  1. The infield training (on both Friday and Satuday) technically finishes up around 2am with critique and debrief (depending on how the night goes). And we wrap up Sunday with day game at 1pm and ending at 8pm.